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LVL Lash Lift & Tint By Nouveau Lashes

This is a treatment that combines both an eyelash perm and an eyelash tint treatment. The best thing about it is it enhances the natural lashes you have so very low maintenence. This treatment will take 1 hour and will need a patch test 48 hours prior to the treatment. 


Brow Sculpt by HD

Brow sculpt is a brow lamination with a bespoke HD Brows twist. Whether you dream of achieving that full, fluffy eyebrow look, want to create symmetry in uneven brows or tame unruly hairs, our browsculpt brow lamination treatment is for you. This corrective treatment helps you to achieve your desired position for up to 6 weeks. This treatment takes 1 hour and will need a patch test 48 hours prior to your treatment.


HD Brow 

HD Brows is a bespoke eyebrow treatment that is totally tailored to you- not a brow stencil in sight. Its so much more than a standard eyebrow wax and tint; our expertly trained therapists combine our unique design formula with custom-blended colour, hair removal and makeup application for your brows to that suit you. Our therapists work with you to create your perfect look, whether your wish is to tame bushy brows or re-grow overplucked eyebrows. This treatment will take 45 minutes and will require a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment. 


Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our Extended treatment uses individual lash extensions to extend your natural lashes, giving you longer, fuller lashes. This treatment creates a natural, flawless eye and is the perfect treatment for anyone wanting to add depth and length to their natural lashes. Whether you want natural, glam, or just a little boost, your Nouveau Lashes certified Extension lash artist can create a bespoke look to suit your eyes using our variety of beautiful curls and lengths that wont weigh down your natural lashes. This treatment will transform your beauty routine. 

This treatment will require a patch test 48hours prior to your appointment. To maintain your lashes you will need to have regular infills every 2-3 weeks. 


Russian Volume Lashes 

If your motto is ' the bigger the better' then Russian Volume is for you! Fans are created and applied to each lash, but instead of 3 lashes to each fan, this techniquecreates up to 8, resulting in exactly what it says on the tin-Volume!

And like all our lash extension treatments, each set is customised to your taste. Fullness, density and desired length will be all discussed with your technician beforehand, to ensure you get the exact look you have in mind. Patch tests will be required 48 hours prior to your appointment. Due to the meticulous application of lashes used during a set of russian volume lashes, the treatment time can range from 90-180 minutes, but so worth it! 


SVS Lashes 

Our latest lash technique has been specially developed to combine the best aspects of each of our existing treatments. The application method requires your technician to create 'fans' from each lash to create a fuller appearance. This look creates a fluffy, textured look as opposed to the uniform lengths of a Russian volume lash. This treatment will require a patch test 48 hours prior to your appointment.   


CND Shellac

CND Shellac is renowned for its high quality Gel polish with a fantastic 14 day longevity, High shine and fast application with a safe removal. Shellac is cured

under a LED lamp enabling a completely dry finish so there is no waiting around! We have a wide variety of colours and glitters which can be added to the polish to make your nails sparkle. This treatment will take 45 minutes.


Nano Keratin 

Nano Keratin Smoothing treatment is the UK'S leading smoothing product. Its revolutionary hair care system designed to eliminate frizz, lock in colour and enhance shine. It creates a fantastic blowdry that will last 3-4 months. Nano Keratin system has developed a unique Biomimetric technology where by it breaks down Keratin to a micro molecular size enabling it to penetrate into the hair shaft to create smooth, manageable hair even with those unruly hair types. Consultation and patch test will be required for this service 


The Skin Bespoke by Katherine Daniels

Tailor-made to give your skin a substantial treat, ideal when time is of the essence. Includes exfoliation massage and mask to suit your skin's needs. This treatment will take 45 minutes £42

The Deep Cleansing Skin Treatment by Katherine Daniels (coming soon)

A Treatment developed to deep cleanse and detoxify your skin, leaving you looking dewy and luminous with refined skin tesxture and reduction in pore size. This treatment will take 60 minutes. £60

The Age Defence Sensitive Skin Treatment by Katherine Daniels ( coming soon )

A Treatment developed for fragile and sensitive skin issues. Your skin will be calmed, smoothed, strengthened and more able to defend itself against premature aging. This treatment will take 60 minutes £64

The Age Defence Nourishing Hydrating Treatment by Katherine Daniels ( coming soon)

A treatment developed to hydrate your skin and reactivate the natural oil levels if they are underactive. Your skin will be hydrated, supple and smooth, open pores reduced, fine lines plumped and your skin will be more able to defend itself against  premature aging. This treatment will take 80 minutes. £88

Full Body Massage

This envolves a variety of techniques designed to relax muscles, increase oxygen in the blood and release th toxins from the muscles. As well as providing specific medical benefits, holistic massage improves general health and wellbeing. This treatment takes 55 minutes 


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